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Vote Today in Indiana’s Republican Primary

Indiana’s Congressional delegation is majority Republican, with 7 of its 9 congressional districts held by Republicans. Because in many districts, winning the Republican primary is tantamount to winning the general, Democrats are being encouraged to crossover and vote in the Republican primary – to ensure the most liberal Republican candidate wins.

Pennsylvania’s April 23rd Primary: the calm before the storm. California Action Item!

Pennsylvania’s primary is next Tuesday, April 23

Next Tuesday evening, election results will be coming in from the Pennsylvania primary election. While many of the most hotly contested elections in 2020 and 2022 were in Pennsylvania, the 2024 primaries are relatively quiet contests. In the November general election, however, Pennsylvania will once again feature titanic election clashes: the Presidential contest, the U.S. Senate race to defeat Sen. Bob Casey, and at least three swing Congressional seats targeted by both political parties.

President’s Trump’s “Establishment Endorsements

We have seen several perplexing Donald Trump endorsements this campaign cycle. Why does Trump choose an establishment-aligned candidate over a proven grassroots conservative candidate? Some of these endorsements can be explained by the difficult and narrow path Trump is treading in order to secure his primary objective: winning his party’s nomination, holding the divided Republican Party together, and going on to win the general. Second, Trump’s goal as president is to have a Republican majority House and Senate, and third, Trump wants to help the most MAGA candidates get elected. Unfortunately, Trump sometimes has to compromise in this last category –whom he endorses– in order to achieve the first two goals: winning the general and Republican control of Congress.

Trump’s Super Tuesday, Delegates, and Congressional Primaries

On March 5th, Super Tuesday, Republicans in 15 states will choose a total of 884 delegates to the Republican National convention –36% of the total RNC delegates. Most of the remaining states will hold their presidential primaries by the end of March, at which point Trump’s delegate count will far exceed 50%. Maybe then, even Nikki Haley will finally admit that Trump is the presumptive GOP nominee.

Montana Senate Race: The Real MAGA Candidate Versus the Uniparty’s Choice

With No Trump Endorsement… The Montana Republican Senate primary continues to heat up.

Matt Gaetz campaigns in Montana for another MAGA Congressman, Matt Rosendale.

While Congressman Matt Gaetz travelled to Montana to campaign for and alongside Congressman Matt Rosendale, Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene splashed out her endorsement of uniparty Mitch McConnell’s preferred pick for the Senate seat: wealthy businessman Tim Sheehy.

What the three major early primaries mean for Trump

The November election is still ten months away, but the process to determine who appears on that ballot is starting in the next month with three major primaries. These primaries will determine the candidates’ momentum across all the states leading to the nomination in Milwaukee in July. Donald Trump is far ahead in the polls, but he needs his expected lead to materialize.

Automatic Voter Registration is Ripe for Ballot Fraud

AVR (automatic voter registration) in Pennsylvania will flood the voter rolls with dormant, duplicate, and illegal registrations.

Polls and recent history both indicate that the biggest threat Donald Trump and MAGA candidates face emanates not from voter unpopularity but from lack of election integrity. AVR threatens election integrity by inflating the voter rolls.

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