DTR PAC Newsletter

What is Wrong with Eric?

A pending bill in the Texas legislature, SB1070, to withdraw the state from ERIC already passed the Texas Senate. It is facing strong Democrat opposition. SB 1070 needs to come to the Texas House floor for a vote.

Do National Party Platforms Still Matter?

The choice we face in America comes down to two opposing principles which underlie the conservative and liberal philosophies. It matters that you understand them.

Initiative Petition Reform & Stop the Medical Transitioning of Children

Grassroots activists are working on two big issues in Missouri this coming week. The Missouri State Senate is considering a resolution to reform the Initiative Petition process – SJR 28; and the Republican-controlled Senate will hopefully vote to break a filibuster and pass the SAFE ACT – SB 49 to stop the medical transitioning of our kids.

Wisconsin Supreme Court election outcome will steer state policy

The April 4th election for the open seat on the Wisconsin State Supreme Court (for a ten-year term) pits a progressive, soft-on-crime, pro-abortion Democrat, Janet Protasiewicz versus Dan Kelly, a pro-life, judicial conservative Republican. The two candidates’ judicial philosophies could not be more different.

Election Alert: Wisconsin voters have a consequential state Supreme Court election

Of the four candidates in the race, two candidates identify as conservatives. Grassroots commentator Molly McCann provides an overview of what is at stake in the race and names the two conservative candidates. Please read this summary, make your decision, and get to the polls on Tuesday, February 21st. Encourage all your like-minded Wisconsin family and friends to get to the polls to vote.

The Vote for RNC Chair: We Moved the Ball Forward

The news stories and online social media after last week’s RNC meeting are full of America First activists upset about the RNC vote which reelected Ronna McDaniel as RNC Chairman: McDaniel-111, Dhillon-51, Lindell-4.

Grassroots activists are discouraged by the loss, but in fact, while the re-election of Ronna McDaniel on the very first ballot seemed like a victory for uni-party Republicans, Election Integrity advocates still moved the ball forward last week.

Sidney Powell Defends Against Legal Sanctions!

In 2021, Sidney Powell was sanctioned by a Michigan judge for a case Sidney brought challenging the 2020 election. The Michigan judge even recommended that the state bar look into disbarring Sidney from the practice of law. Sidney appeared before the Sixth Circuit Court in November 2022 to appeal the Michigan sanction.

Ranked Choice Voting Is Quietly Advancing!

The good news is that the American people are waking up to the reality of widespread voter fraud and election irregularities, but the bad news is that organizations are already working to quietly implement a new vote counting system that will lead to more ‘uni-party’ moderates winning elections.

Did the Red Wave fail or did Voter Fraud win?

A look back at the November election… Yes, the elections were a disappointment. While Republicans did take control of the House, conservatives were expecting many more electoral victories.

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