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May 8, 2024

Vote Today in Indiana’s Republican Primary


Many Congressional Races Have A Crowded Field Of Candidates!

Vote TODAY in Indiana’s May 7th Republican Primary Election!

Indiana’s Congressional delegation is majority Republican, with 7 of its 9 congressional districts held by Republicans. Because in many districts, winning the Republican primary is tantamount to winning the general, Democrats are being encouraged to crossover and vote in the Republican primary – to ensure the most liberal Republican candidate wins. All the more reason to make sure all your America First conservative friends get to the polls to vote on Tuesday, May 7th.

President: Donald Trump

U.S. Senate: Jim Banks

For Congress, the close races are the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 8th congressional districts.

IN-03: Marlin Stutzman

IN-04 Charles Bookwalter

IN-05 Victoria Spartz

IN-06 Mike Speedy

IN-08 Richard Moss

Read more about the candidates:

IN-03 Marlin Stutzman (Rep. Jim Banks is leaving the seat to run for Senate). 

There are eight candidates on the Republican ballot. Of the four frontrunners, Wendy Davis is the leading moderate. (Davis is endorsed by the RINO PAC, Republican Main Street Partnership PAC.) Conservatives should coalesce around former Congressman Marlin Stutzman in order to defeat Wendy Davis.  Stutzman is a former Member of Congress and a member of the House Freedom Caucus. While in Congress, Stutzman worked to help oust Speaker Boehner. Stutzman is a constitutional conservative who supports informed consent and American Sovereignty. Stutzman is endorsed by the House Freedom Caucus, David Bratt, and Students for Life.   

IN-04 Charles Bookwalter Charles Bookwalter is challenging incumbent Jim Baird. A former Green Beret, Bookwalter could score an upset over longtime incumbent Jim Baird (78 years old). Bookwalter supports the America First agenda, and specifically advocates restoring legal liability for vaccine makers, and precinct voting on Election Day with paper ballots. It’s never easy to challenge an incumbent, but it is much better for voters to choose a solid conservative like Bookwalter now than to risk a surprise early retirement later by Baird.

IN-05 Victoria Spartz Congresswoman Spartz faces a close reelection race in a field of 11 candidates. (Initially, Spartz considered retiring from Congress, which flooded the field.) Spartz has one heavily self-funded challenger, Chuck Goodrich. Spartz is endorsed by multiple Second Amendment and pro-life organizations, as well as the NFIB (National Association of Independent Businesses). While Spartz is Ukrainian, she voted against the last Ukrainian aid package. Spartz’s campaign ad highlights that Goodrich talks tough on China but supported loopholes in past legislation that helped China. Vote for Victoria Spartz who has a proven conservative track record.  

IN-06 Mike Speedy Congressman Greg Pence is retiring.  In this crowded primary for one of the most solidly Republican seats in Congress, multiple conservatives are running, but only conservative Mike Speedy can come ‘close’ to billionaire Never Trump candidate Jefferson Shreve’s $4,000,000 campaign war chest. Shreve’s current conservative positions are a flip flop of his policy positions when he ran for mayor of Indianapolis two years ago. In that election, Shreve self-described himself as a moderate Republican and said if he won his 2022 Indianapolis mayoral race he would “lead from the center.”  

In stark contrast, Mike Speedy is a staunch Second Amendment, pro-life, conservative state representative who supports the America First agenda including border security and deporting illegals. Speedy is endorsed by the House Freedom Caucus. Rather than split the MAGA vote and allow Shreve to win, conservative should unite to support Mike Speedy for Congress.

IN-08 Richard Moss Congressman Larry Bucshon is retiring. Eight candidates are in the Republican primary, and the race is boiling down to Richard Moss, John Hostettler, and Mark Messmer. America First voters should unite to support the strongest conservative candidate, Richard Moss.

Moss is a cancer surgeon, an entrepreneur, and an America First conservative. Moss is running to defend traditional family values and not the ruinous, progressive policies that have crippled our economy and our country.  Moss will protect American small businesses by cutting burdensome government spending, and oppose radical Green New Deal policies. Hostettler is also a solid conservative, but his campaign has not been as strong as Moss’s.

Messmer is the establishment Republican in the race. If Moss and Hostettler split the America First vote, Messmer could win. America First voters should unite and support Richard Moss for Congress.

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“Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just,
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And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.”

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