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June 11, 2024

A Convention of States Is Not the Answer to Our Current Crisis

It is alarming to hear renewed urges for an Article V Convention of States, i.e., a Constitutional Convention. Conservatives are rightly alarmed by Congress’s unwillingness to utilize the tools it has to rein in our big-spending, bloated, and overburdensome government. And yes, the state governments have also largely abdicated their role to limit government. Nevertheless, the solution is not opening up our U.S. Constitution for modification and revision.

A Constitutional Convention is a radical action that risks limiting or eliminating the many freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution, including those enumerated in the Bill of Rights. The Left would love to revise our Bill of Rights and constitutionally limit Free Speech, the Second Amendment, Religious Freedom, etc. As bad as the political situation has become in the United States, the Constitution’s deep entrenchment has been a key to its longevity and an important defense of our rights. Our founding document should not be frequently revised. The quality of being ‘entrenched’ and unassailable is a real bulwark for preserving rights and freedoms. America’s leaders should preserve and protect that quality.

An Article V Convention of States (COS), however, would hand over to Congress the power to call a convention which Congress controls to revise our founding document.  Congress—a governing body that habitually betrays American ideals and sells out the American people for donor money. It is a recipe for disaster.

The solution to our alarming situation today is to concentrate on upholding our Constitutional rights. That means more people paying attention to, getting involved in, and bearing the burden of self-government, not seeking a quick-fix that will destabilize our founding document.

Current Active 2024 Legislation: Most state legislatures are adjourned for the year. The three  remaining  states  which still have active efforts to pass an Article V COS (ConCon) this year are Ohio, North Carolina and Pennsylvania.

Ohio: HB607
Ohio is holding hearings this month on the House Government Oversight Committee. HB607 purports establish delegate appointing procedure for a constitution convention –disregarding the fact that the U.S. Constitution confers that authority to Congress, not the states. Opponents of an Article V  COS (ConCon)  are urging people to contact the Ohio legislature in opposition to all Article V COS/ConCon legislation as proponents push for floor action. The Ohio legislative session doesn’t adjourn sine die until December 31. Keep contacting them. 

Pennsylvania: SR77
There are multiple COS (Con-Con) resolutions pending in both the Pennsylvania Senate and House, most notably SR 77 which was voted out of committee in April. SR77 can now be brought up on the Senate floor for consideration. (Hearings for other COS resolutions, SR225, SR51, HR193, could also be scheduled any time with little notice.) Please contact your state representative and senator, and urge them to oppose all Article V COS/Con-Con resolutions in Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania legislature doesn’t adjourn sine die until November 30th.

North Carolina: HJR 235, HJR 151, and  HB 648.
Calls for an Article V COS (HJR235, HJR151, and HB648) were pushed through the North Carolina House last year and could be brought to the Senate floor for final passage. Urge all 50 North Carolina Senators to Vote “No” on HJR 235, HJR 151, and  HB 648. The North Carolina legislature adjourns sine die on July 31st.

If the North Carolina legislators doesn’t hear from citizens in the few remaining weeks, they’ll assume the People support an Article V Convention.

Suggestions for Short Phone or email Messages to State Legislators*
Ask state legislators to Vote “No” on Article V/ COS/ ConCon resolutions and bills.

1. Conventions can’t be limited to the subject of the application. We could lose our Constitution at an Article V convention.

2. We could lose our Second Amendment at an Article V convention.

3. “One State One Vote” at a convention is wishful thinking. California may get 55 votes, most states will receive far fewer votes –e.g.,  North Carolina, only 15!

4. The only control state legislatures have over the Article V Convention process is to ask Congress to call a convention. After that, it’s out of your hands.

5. No one can control the Delegates to an Article V convention. Delegates would have more power than State Legislatures and aren’t subject to unfaithful delegate laws or the limited wording of the application.

6. The Convention lobby is bankrolled by dark money from those who can’t wait to get their hands on our Constitution.

7. Ratification by 3/4 of the States is not a safeguard. Delegates to the Convention can change the ratification process and make it easier, like they did in 1787.

8. Congress has never called a convention under Article V. No one knows what will happen!

Here is a helpful flyer from to help you understand the risks of calling a never-before-tried Article V constitutional convention. * Source: Joanna Martin, J.D.


The Convention of States strategy excels in creating the appearance that the People are demanding an Article V convention when most people haven’t a clue what that means. In truth, nothing could be more reckless in this time of turmoil and election insecurity than to open our U.S. Constitution to wholesale revision in a process controlled by Congress — or the current state legislatures.

Let your legislators hear from you!





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