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Wait and Cast Your Vote in Person on Election Day!

Increasingly, we are hearing GOP leaders call for early voting.  We STRONGLY disagree.

Early voting, mail-in voting, ballot harvesting, ballot banking… none of these options are as secure as continuing to vote in-person on Election Day.

Unfortunately, the GOP’s new “If you can’t beat them, join them” strategy to encourage early voting is still highly susceptible to fraud and is not a secure way to vote. There is simply no reliable chain-of-custody for ballots cast early, and it allows them to better calculate the votes needed to defeat conservatives. The longer a ballot sits in an election office before it is counted, the more opportunity there is for that ballot to be altered or destroyed.

On the contrary, when most voters wait to vote on Election Day, it both makes it harder for the cheaters to commit election fraud, and it also makes any fraud committed more obvious. Let’s face it, if vote fraud is going to occur, it is better that the fraud be so obvious that fair-minded people can recognize a steal is underway. READ MORE . . .

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Founded by Sidney Powell


Defending The Republic PAC, was founded in 2021 by Sidney Powell to amplify the voices of the countless Americans who feel abandoned or betrayed by their government and both political parties. We believe in our Constitutional rights, freedom of speech, gun rights, and the sacred right of free and fair elections.

The PAC will promote candidates who fight for truth and the Rule of Law, and we will strenuously oppose any candidate who discards the Constitution for his own short term or political gain—regardless of her party.

The American people are starved for truth, restoration of the Rule of Law, and even-handed accountability. Americans who are the engine of this country, who make everything work every day, who pay their taxes and take care of their families, who want their churches open and to breathe free again, are fed up with the corruption in government and the elitist political class that views them with condescension and contempt. The American people deserve a voice that exposes and rejects the self-interest of political parties, the control of tech giants, and the lies of the fake news.

We will be the voice for honesty, integrity, and a return to government “of the people, by the people, for the people.”

Join this new endeavor now. Make your voice heard with millions of your fellow patriots.



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