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March 4, 2024


Trump’s Super Tuesday, Delegates, and Congressional Primaries


On March 5th, Super Tuesday, Republicans in 15 states will choose a total of 884 delegates to the Republican National convention — 36% of the total RNC delegates. Most of the remaining states will hold their presidential primaries by the end of March, at which point Trump’s delegate count will far exceed 50%. Maybe then, even Nikki Haley will finally admit that Trump is the presumptive GOP nominee.

MAGA Beware! Political party conventions can, and usually do, include a host of parliamentary maneuvering and backroom dealing.

Republican Party rules are structured to reward Republican Party office holders and insiders with the coveted delegate slots. That means many ‘pledged to Trump’ delegates at the convention may only nominally support Trump or they may outright oppose Trump personally.

By rule, all RNC delegates are required to vote for their pledged presidential candidate on the first ballot, but their votes are not bound on any rules or procedural motions or subsequent presidential ballots. We know the uniparty is determined to block Trump at all costs. Nikki Haley’s recent statement that “all Trump’s legal issues should be dealt with before November,” is an obvious harbinger of shenanigans ahead at the RNC Convention.

Should any shenanigans be sprung, Trump will need a super majority of delegates to be in the strongest possible position to negotiate and dominate. Make sure your pro-Trump friends and family members vote in the primaries!

Besides voting in-person, on Election Day, the most important action item is to get involved in your local Republican Party. You can find your local Republican county event schedules on social media or by searching the web. Recruit a friend and attend these. You will be certain to find other solid grassroots MAGA Republicans at these meetings who can plug you into grassroots action.



Five States Are Holding Their Republican Congressional Primaries on March 5th: Alabama, Arkansas, California, North Carolina, and Texas.

Defending the Republic PAC is highlighting America First congressional candidates whose Republican primaries are being targeted by uniparty Super PACs.

Texas Congressional District 26: Brandon Gill
The Texas 26th Congressional District is an open seat that leans Republican so there is a crowded Republican primary field. Brandon Gill is the obvious best choice. Brandon Gill is a 100% America First candidate on all the issues from the border, crime, and taxes, to the Second Amendment, and pro-life. Raised on a ranch in Texas, Gill has a background in finance, and is the founder and editor emeritus of the conservative news site, DC Enquirer.

Brandon Gill is Dinesh D’Souza’s son-in-law and has worked with D’Souza on both 2000 Mules and Police State. Gill is endorsed by Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and Sidney Powell. Brandon Gill is being deluged with negative ads because he is the best MAGA candidate in the race. Don’t believe the lies. In Congress, Gill will join the House Freedom Caucus and work to restore our liberty.

Other America First Congressional Candidates in Texas include:

Texas Congressional District 12: John O’Shea
America First grassroots are backing John O’Shea against State Representative Craig Goldman. Goldman was one of five Republican House members who voted to impeach Ken Paxton. Last December, Never Trumper Karl Rove hosted a fundraiser for Goldman. Vote out the uniparty candidate and vote for John O’Shea.

Texas Congressional District 23: Julie Clark
Pro-life conservative and Medina County GOP Chair Julie Clark is challenging incumbent Congressman Tony Gonzales over his recent votes in support of same-sex marriage, additional firearms restrictions and border security. Julie Clark is a wife, mother, and businesswoman. Julie Clark emphasizes the importance of election integrity as part of her conservative Republican platform.

North Carolina Congressional District 01: Sandy Smith
Sandy Smith is the authentic MAGA candidate in this race. Sandy Smith’s is opposed by a uniparty candidate, Laurie Buckhout, who was likely recruited to run to block Smith from going to Congress. The district is being barraged by last minute negative ads from a D.C. uniparty PAC. Sandy Smith is endorsed by many local and national leaders including Congressmen Andy Biggs and Ely Crane, and Tom Homan, retired ICE director under President Trump. Sandy Smith ran previously in the district when it was majority Democrat, and Smith over-performed at the ballot box. Sandy Smith would win in this new, more Republican district in the general.

Alabama Congressional District 01: Barry Moore
Alabama’s new redistricting map pits two incumbent Republican Congressmen, Barry Moore and Jerry Carl, against each other. Barry Moore is a House Freedom Caucus (HFC) member, and many HFC Members of Congress including Congressman Andy Biggs are supporting Moore. Carl’s congressional support, in stark contrast, comes from mainline Republican leadership.

During Barry Moore’s two terms in the House of Representatives, Moore earned the reputation as Alabama’s most conservative Congressman (CPAC) and a 100% conservative legislative voting score from the Heritage Foundation. Barry Moore has not voted for any supplemental funding for Ukraine and instead argued that funding should go toward infrastructure projects.

All of these are close congressional races where an America First win would make a major difference in Congress. Share this email tonight with your family and friends who live in these states so we can send more Freedom Fighters to Congress.



“Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just,
And this be our motto: ‘In God is our trust.’
And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.”

-Star Spangled Banner 


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