President’s Trump’s “Establishment Endorsements

We have seen several perplexing Donald Trump endorsements this campaign cycle. Why does Trump choose an establishment-aligned candidate over a proven grassroots conservative candidate? Some of these endorsements can be explained by the difficult and narrow path Trump is treading in order to secure his primary objective: winning his party’s nomination, holding the divided Republican Party together, and going on to win the general. Second, Trump’s goal as president is to have a Republican majority House and Senate, and third, Trump wants to help the most MAGA candidates get elected. Unfortunately, Trump sometimes has to compromise in this last category –whom he endorses– in order to achieve the first two goals: winning the general and Republican control of Congress.

Lawmakers discuss possible change to ‘ranked choice voting’ | Illinois |

Andy Bakker of the Illinois Opportunity Project said the measure has the opposite effect and will limit the opportunity for fair elections.

“At the end of the day, ranked choice voting is a scheme to disconnect elections from issues, and it allows candidates with marginal support to win,” Bakker said. “It obscures true debates and issue-driven dialogues among candidates and eliminates genuine, true, binary choices.”