November 8, 2022

There’s good reason for America First voters to be optimistic about the election based on the late-breaking polls, but also to be concerned about the integrity of our elections. We can turn our optimism into victory, however, and overwhelm any election fraud with huge voter turnout.

With high voter turnout, we can overcome election fraud!

Vote on Election Day! Save our Constitutional Republic!

Encourage all your like-minded family and friends to make sure they vote on Election Day.

Republicans must take majority control of the U.S. House and Senate to save America. Every vote you cast for a less-than-perfect Republican in your district is a vote for an America First Republican to have more power as a member of the majority party in the next Congress.

Given the Biden Administration’s poor marks on the economy, inflation and crime, if voter turnout is high enough, Republicans could win one, two, or even three Illinois swing Congressional seats on Tuesday.

Please vote for:

Illinois Senate: Kathy Salvi (R)

DTR PAC is especially urging you to vote for these America First candidates running in swing districts. These Republicans candidates could win if enough voters turn out to form a Red Wave:

Illinois District 11: Catalina Lauf (R)
Illinois District 13: Regan Deering (R)
Illinois District 17: Esther Joy King (R)

U.S. Senate Race: Kathy Salvi (R)

Kathy Salvi is running against Democrat incumbent Tammy Duckworth.

Kathy Salvi is a pro-family conservative who states: “I’ll work to restore American energy independence and stop the free flow of money by the federal government.”

Polls show that Kathy Salvi is behind – no surprise given Illinois’ Democratic stronghold in Chicago. What is surprising is how much Kathy Salvi’s poll numbers have risen in the last four weeks. All the signs point to a Red Wave in Illinois if voter turnout is high. Kathy Salvi is the Republican standard bearer at the top of the ticket. She deserves our support.

Kathy Salvi

Illinois District 11: Catalina Lauf (R)

Catalina Lauf is the daughter of an immigrant from Latin America and an Illinois-raised small businessman, and was one of the youngest appointments to the executive branch, serving as a special advisor to the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Catalina Lauf supports strong border security and recognizes the need for legal immigration. Lauf says we must be tough on crime and support our police, “so the 11th Congressional District doesn’t end up like Cook County!”

On business, Catalina Lauf is for minimal government intrusion, lower taxes, and deregulation.

“We must incentivize businesses to stay in Illinois and the U.S., to ensure America remains competitive globally.”

Catalina Lauf is a School Choice advocate and pledges to fight against the Marxism taught in the public schools. She is Pro-Life.

Redrawn for this election, the 11th District encompasses parts of Cook, DuPage, Kane, Lake, McHenry, Will, DeKalb and Boone counties.
Catalina Lauf

Meet the 6 Latina GOP Candidates That Are Driving Democrats Nuts

(Catalina Lauf is one of them!)

According to the Wall Street Journal, “working class Latino voters” are becoming a new “pillar of the Republican Party” due largely to ideological differences over the economy, education, immigration, and family values… On the issues of the economy and crime, Latinos surveyed in the poll shared that they prefer Republican leadership, and only 42 percent support Biden’s handling of border security and immigration.

The new district 13 stretches in a thin line from Belleville, through Edwardsville, Springfield, Decatur to Urbana.

Illinois 11th District Map from Ballotpedia

Illinois District 13: Regan Deering (R)

Regan Deering is a Constitutional conservative who describes herself as, “a taxpayer, homeowner, wife, mother, educator, small business owner and community advocate.

Regan Deering says out-of-control government spending and taxation, and inflation will be top priorities when elected to Congress. “The current administration’s continued attack on the private sector needs to end not only for the workforce but the supply chain as well. Small business owners are the backbone of this economy, and they are being told every day by the government how to run their businesses.”

Regan Deering opposes the Biden Administration policies that have weakened our border and have led to a surge of migrants at our southern border. “Open borders lead to illegal drugs and an increase in human trafficking. While I am pro-legal immigration, we must secure our borders and put Americans first.”

“The increase in crime in our communities is unacceptable…  Radical legislation, such as no cash bail policies, directly corresponds to an increase in the crime rate, especially among repeat offenders.”

Regan Deering on the issues
Illinois 13th District Map from Ballotpedia

Illinois District 17: Esther Joy King (R)

Esther Joy King recognizes America is in a battle against socialism to save our freedoms.

Esther Joy King learned the value of service from her parents who were missionaries on the US-Mexico border in Juarez. It was growing up in this life of ministry that Esther Joy King learned the values of faith, family, and tireless sacrifice for others.

Esther earned a JD and Masters of Law from Northwestern University and serves as a JAG Officer in the Army Reserve. Esther is third generation military: “Improving the VA and maintaining military readiness will be top priorities for me in Congress.”

Esther Joy King supports strong borders, a strong military, the Second Amendment, and Pro-Life. Esther understands the genuine struggles of making ends meet in the face of a slow economy and dysfunctional government. One of the main drivers of Esther’s run for Congress is growing economic opportunities for the people of central and Western Illinois.

The new district includes parts of Rockford, Peoria, Bloomington-Normal, Macomb, and the Quad cities.

Esther Joy King
Illinois 17th District Map from Ballotpedia





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