Texas: TX-34 Mayra Flores

It looks like a lot of name-calling going on. I think the reason Flores has brought this race to a toss-up is because she is focusing on speaking to voters about what they are interested in – the everyday issues like border security and inflation, the high cost of living in Biden’s America, and the rise in crime.

Texas: TX-28 Cassy Garcia

“Texas Republican congressional candidate Cassy Garcia said Wednesday her opponent, incumbent Democrat Henry Cuellar, does not vote in support of securing the southern border, despite what he claims during media interviews.”
“…he (Cuellar) votes 95% of the time with Nancy Pelosi, whose San Francisco values do not align with those of South Texas,” she told hosts Bill Hemmer and Dana Perino.

Texas: TX-15 Monica de la Cruz

In Texas 15 it’s a race between a conservative Republican and a progressive(far Left) Democrat. This race is a likely Republican pickup.