August 13, 2023

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We Must Keep Texas Red

If Texas Turns Blue in 2024, Democrats will Dominate the Electoral College Map in the Presidential Race.

We’ve all heard the mantra for several years now, “Texas is turning blue.” Yes, Democrats badly want to turn Texas blue on the Electoral College map. Texas has 40 Electoral College votes, the largest number of Electoral College electors of any state except California. If Texas did vote Democrat in the presidential race, the resultant Democrat shift in the Electoral College combined with California’s 54 Electoral College votes and New York’s 28 votes would present an insurmountable challenge, effectively blocking any Republican from winning the White House.

Texas presents the prospect of not only clinching the presidential race but also defeating Senator Ted Cruz in his reelection race. So, it’s obvious why both Democrats and Republicans have their eyes trained on Texas. It’s also why it’s important for every Republican congressional and state candidate on the 2024 Texas ballot to run a strong race and turn out legal, Election Day voters.

Just like in 2022, the congressional districts along the Rio Grande border with Mexico are the center of attention in 2024.

Historically, the south Texas districts have been Democrat districts. But that is changing as the Republican Party continues to gain Latino support, especially along the border.

TX34: Mayra Flores scored an upset victory in a June 2022 special election to complete an unexpired term for the 34th congressional district. Flores served in Congress for only a few months, then lost the regular election under the new district boundaries which more heavily favor a Democrat. Flores recently committed to run again in this majority Democrat district after encouragement from the Republican Party.

Flores is the first woman born in Mexico to be elected to Congress. Flores’ campaign messaging focuses on border security, escalating crime, and the growing risks Border Patrol agents like her husband face daily. Flores is facing a rematch against Democratic Rep. Vincente Gonzalez, who beat her by 8.5 percentage points in November in the redrawn district.


Moderate Republican Tony Gonzales is out-of-step with his voters and is being challenged by an authentic conservative Republican in the primary.

TX23: The Texas 23rd Congressional district is solidly Republican. Incumbent Congressman Tony Gonzales, however, is not a reliable Republican vote in Congress. In fact, Gonzales has been styled a RINO by local conservative Republicans and Gonzales is facing a true conservative Republican primary opponent.

In March, the Republican Party of Texas voted to censure Gonzales over his recent votes that split with the party. The issues cited in the resolution included Gonzales‘ support for the bipartisan gun law that passed last year, his vote for the Respect for Marriage Act, for his lone Republican vote against the House rules package in January, and for his opposition to Rep. Chip Roy’s border security bill.   –Texas Tribune 3/4/2023

Local GOP party leadership endorses Julie Clark, a steadfast conservative firebrand who has a track record supporting law and order, family values, and election integrity to run against Gonzales.

Medina County GOP Chair Julie Clark is a wife, mother, businesswoman, and DAR member. Julie Clark is pro-life and is running on a platform to “protect our shared values of law and order, secure borders, free and fair elections, and fiscal responsibility with our taxpayer dollars.” Julie Clark emphasizes the importance of election integrity as part of her conservative Republican platform.

“I will advocate for the use of paper ballots to provide a reliable, verifiable record of each vote, enhancing the security and transparency of our elections. Recognizing the potential vulnerability of electronic voting machines to hacking, I will push for their removal and replacement with more secure alternatives…”


Support Republican incumbent Monica De La Cruz who is facing a rematch of her 2022 election. 

TX15: When Republican lawmakers redrew the district boundaries, they strengthened the 15th district at the expense of the 34th district, so much so that incumbent Democrat Congressman Henry Cuellar switched to run in the more Democrat 34th district. Republican Rep. Monica De La Cruz won the open 15th district seat by a 53-44 margin. De La Cruz is facing a re-match against Michelle Vallejo in 2024.


 It’s critical that Texas stays red in 2024, not only for the presidential election but also for reelecting Senator Ted Cruz and control of the Senate.

U.S. Senate: Democrats bolstered by Beto O’Rourke’s narrow three point loss to Sen. Ted Cruz in 2018 are hoping they can defeat Cruz this time around. Cruz’s seat is rated to be the best chance for Democrats to pick-up a seat this cycle, so expect to see nasty and sustained attacks directed at Cruz. The two liberal Democrat frontrunners vying to challenge Cruz are 32nd district Congressman Colin Allred (Dallas) and state Senator Roland Gutierrez (San Antonio-Uvalde).

This will be an expensive race, likely one of the most expensive in the country, but while Sen. Cruz is deeply unpopular with Democrats across the country, Sen. Cruz’s combative questioning in committee hearings is very popular with Republicans, as are his conservative policy positions including Sen. Cruz’s opposition to vaccine mandates in the government, the military and the private sector.



Please Contribute to Defending The Republic PAC so we can Support the Candidates for Office who are Committed to Advancing the Principles of Morality and Freedom which Built our Great Nation.

“Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just,
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