Texas 34th Congressional District Mayra Flores (R) vs Vincente Gonzales (D)

Cook Political Report Moves TX-34 from Leans Democrat to Toss-up:

 “Mayra Flores is running against Democrat Rep. Vicente Gonzalez, also a sitting member of Congress. There are a few dozen or so extremely competitive House races and this is one of them. The 34th Congressional District is in South Texas, in the Rio Grande Valley. The majority of residents are Hispanic. The district was redrawn and Gonzalez comes from the 15th District, west of the 34th.

“As you might imagine, border security and the Biden border crisis is a top issue. Residents are fed up with the neglect of the southern border by the Biden administration and Democrats. Flores’ husband is a Border Patrol agent. Her first campaign was heavily focused on the border crisis and voters responded. Elon Musk cast his first ever Republican vote for her.

“It looks like a lot of name-calling going on. I think the reason Flores has brought this race to a toss-up is because she is focusing on speaking to voters about what they are interested in – the everyday issues like border security and inflation, the high cost of living in Biden’s America, and the rise in crime. This race is one to watch.”