The daughter of a teacher and a nurse, Kari Lake grew up in Iowa alongside her eight siblings where she learned the value of a hard day’s work. Fascinated with people’s stories, Kari spent decades in the mainstream news business as anchor of a network affiliate TV station. She left it all behind to try to fix the state she loves. The race was decided by half of a percentage point… Just about 17,000 votes. However, it’s not over yet! Don’t miss this informative interview on Huckabee!

Breaking: Ariz. AG Takes Action – Ballots Reported in Black Duffle Bags – Officials Broke Election Laws – State Demands Names

Among the most troubling issues raised in the letter directed to Thomas Liddy with the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office was the apparent co-mingling of ballots in black duffle bags in at least one polling location, which were successfully run through the on-site tabulators with those put in “Door 3” to be sent to the Election Department’s downtown Phoenix tabulation center because they could not be read.

Maricopa County’s Election Dysfunction Was More Widespread Than Officials Said, Memo Claims | The Daily Caller

More Maricopa County voting centers saw tabulator or printer issues than officials had announced, according to a memo by an attorney who observed the election process. “It seems very clear that the printer/tabulator failures on election day at 62.61% of the vote centers observed by 11 roving attorneys, and the resulting long lines at a majority of all vote centers, led to substantial voter suppression,” the memo said.

Reports: Maricopa County voters faced election day chaos at 48 percent of locations

The extent of printer and tabulator malfunctions on election day in Arizona’s Maricopa County was much more widespread than reported, according to Rasmussen Reports.
The polling company revealed on Thursday that 48% of all election centers across Arizona’s most populated county had issues with ballot printers and tabulation machines. County election officials had initially reported that 20% of printers and tabulators malfunctioned during in-person voting on Nov. 8.

Arizona: August 2 Primary

Primary season is rapidly drawing to a close and August has been jam-packed with consequential primaries, and there are more still to come. Here’s Part One of a recap of the recent August primaries plus a look ahead. August 2nd saw hotly contested primaries decided in Arizona, Michigan, Washington, Missouri, and Kansas. The results were very positive for the America First conservative movement...

What We learned from Aug. 2’s Primary Elections

Two things are very clear after watching the election irregularities in Tuesday’s primaries in Arizona and Washington. First, election fraud and shenanigans are still rampant in our system. Since 2020, the grassroots and our legislators haven't done enough to reform election laws at the state level. How do we respond? In the upcoming year, when state legislatures convene for new legislative...