Two things are very clear after watching the election irregularities in Tuesday’s primaries in Arizona and Washington.

First, election fraud and shenanigans are still rampant in our system. Since 2020, the grassroots and our legislators haven’t done enough to reform election laws at the state level. How do we respond? In the upcoming year, when state legislatures convene for new legislative sessions, grassroots Americans have to engage with their state legislators and pass election law reforms that will restore integrity to our system including hand-marked, hand-counted paper ballots, voter ID requirements, and voting in person, in a local precinct on Election Day. Between now and the 2024 election, we must focus on reforming election integrity laws and exposing corruption in our voting systems.

Second, ‘We the People’ cannot get discouraged by all the election shenanigans we are still witnessing, and just give up and go home.  That is exactly what the establishment wants us to do. We need to continue to show up at the polls and Vote! We need to vote in large numbers like we just saw happen in Arizona. The more of us swamp the voting box with legal votes, the harder it is for bad actors to steal our elections.

We shouldn’t be discouraged. Tuesday was a great day for us in the fight to return ‘government of the people, by the people and for the people’. We had marquee victories in Michigan including DTR endorsed-candidate John Gibbs who defeated RINO Peter Meijer in a late night nail biter. In Arizona, America First candidates scored a virtual clean sweep in the Congressional races and State Representative Mark Finchem, who is committed to ballot security and holding people accountable for following election law, won the Republican primary for Secretary of State. Despite tens of millions of dollars spent to defeat Kari Lake, it appears she has won the republican gubernatorial primary.

In Washington State, America First candidates Joe Kent and Loren Culp also saw tens of millions of dollars spent to defeat them in their races against incumbent RINOs, including millions of dollars spent to support other conservative candidates in order to split the majority conservative voters.
We may have lost a few battles, it may be a long slog, but we are winning the war.