North Carolina

Trump’s Super Tuesday, Delegates, and Congressional Primaries

On March 5th, Super Tuesday, Republicans in 15 states will choose a total of 884 delegates to the Republican National convention –36% of the total RNC delegates. Most of the remaining states will hold their presidential primaries by the end of March, at which point Trump’s delegate count will far exceed 50%. Maybe then, even Nikki Haley will finally admit that Trump is the presumptive GOP nominee.

North Carolina Battleground State

North Carolina is in the spotlight this election cycle. North Carolina has an open U.S. Senate seat. The Senate race between Rep. Ted Budd (R) and Cheri Beasley (D) could tip control of the U.S. Senate. (Incumbent Sen. Richard Burr (R) is not seeking re-election.) Republicans need to hold this Senate seat if they are going to win majority control in the Senate.