November 8, 2022

There’s good reason for America First voters to be optimistic about the election based on the late-breaking polls, but also to be concerned about the integrity of our elections. We can turn our optimism into victory, however, and overwhelm any election fraud with huge voter turnout.

Because high voter turnout can overcome election fraud.

Plan to vote early, in-person, on Election Day! Save our Constitutional Republic!

Encourage all your like-minded family and friends to make sure they vote on Election Day.

North Carolina is in the spotlight this election cycle. North Carolina has an open U.S. Senate seat. The Senate race between Rep. Ted Budd (R) and Cheri Beasley (D) could tip control of the U.S. Senate. (Incumbent Sen. Richard Burr (R) is not seeking re-election.) Republicans need to hold this Senate seat if they are going to win majority control in the Senate.

U.S. Senate: Ted Budd (R)

These seats are swing Congressional districts in North Carolina that Republicans candidates could win if enough voters turn out to form a Red Wave:

North Carolina District 1: Sandy Smith (R)
North Carolina District 6: Christian Castelli (R)
North Carolina District 13: Bo Hines (R)

U.S. Senate: Ted Budd (R)

Ted Budd has a track record as one of the most stalwart conservatives serving in Congress. His website unapologetically says Ted Budd is a family man, a small businessman, and a “liberal agenda crusher.”

Ted Budd owned a shooting range and gun store in North Carolina and is committed to defending our Second Amendment rights including self-defense and our hunting heritage. Ted Budd is endorsed by President Trump.

“The Senate is our last line of defense against the Left’s woke, socialist agenda and weak foreign policy. Putting America first is the only way that our country will succeed. I pledge to you that I will work for everyday families, not the elite or political insiders, and I will fight to restore the conservative, constitutional values that make this country great.”

America First conservatives need to elect Ted Budd to the Senate to take back Republican control of the Senate and block the agenda of the Radical Left. High Voter turnout is critical to win in North Carolina. 

Issues | Ted Budd
North Carolina District 1: Sandy Smith

Sandy Smith is an America First, pro-border Security, pro-business, pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, pro-America, and pro-freedom candidate. Sandy Smith is a fighter for forensic audits & election integrity.

Sandy Smith is a successful business executive, entrepreneur, and real estate investor, who has created jobs, grown industries, and helped farmers across Eastern North Carolina.

Sandy has strong military roots as her family has served in the Air Force, Army, Navy, and Marines. She is a proud military mother as her oldest honorably served as a United States Marine.

In 2020, Sandy Smith won the Republican nomination with 77% of the vote. She then went on to make history by swinging the district 25 points towards the Republicans. This cycle, Sandy Smith could win if there is high voter turnout.

Sandy Smith – NRCC

District 1 Ballotpedia map

North Carolina District 6: Christian Castelli

Chris Castelli was born in Columbia, South Carolina, and grew up in a military family. Chris Castelli, a former Green Beret, served over two decades in the Army. As a Green Beret, Castelli led numerous special forces units on sensitive missions including five tours in Afghanistan – almost three years in combat. Castelli earned two Bronze Stars and the Combat Infantryman’s Badge with star.

In Congress, Castelli will work to stop reckless government spending that is causing runaway inflation and never vote to increase taxes.

Castelli supports parental choice in education and opposes political indoctrination in school curriculums, securing our border, and fighting crime by fully funding our police and putting criminals in jail.

“Well, I think I represent the middle class, I spent over two decades in uniform. I think the middle class is getting hurt the worst in this economy with some of the decisions that are coming out of the Biden Manning administration.”

Christian Castelli

North Carolina District 13: Bo Hines

Bo Hines, a former college football player for North Carolina State University, and graduate of Yale University, is running for U.S. Senate candidate Rep. Ted Budd’s open seat.

Bo Hines’ website states, “North Carolinians deserve a leader who puts in the hours like we do — fighting inflation, creating jobs, standing up to Joe Biden, and protecting North Carolina values.” If North Carolinians genuinely care about North Carolina values and issues like rising crime, runaway inflation, and the loss of parental rights, they should vote for the candidate whose party’s platform supports those views. Electing Bo Hines is a vote to remove Nancy Pelosi as Speaker and stop the America Last agenda in Congress.

Bo Hines’s opponent is campaigning with a Republican message, despite a track record of supporting the Democratic agenda. The fact is, in Congress, Bo Hines’ opponent would be expected to vote in full support of Nancy Pelosi’s high tax, soft on crime agenda.

North Carolina’s 13th is a hotly contested swing district. Redistricting completely changed the boundaries of the 13th District. The new district is now southeast of Jordan Lake and includes the southern half of Wake, all of Johnston, and portions of Harnett and Wayne Counties — spanning from Apex to Mount Olive.

Be sure to vote on November 8 for Bo Hines for Congress.

Bo Hines For U.S. Congress In North Carolina – The Thinking Conservative

District 13 Ballotpedia map




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