Wisconsin: Janet Protasiewicz Fought To Remove Twins From Black Grandmother

• Janet Protasiewicz, acting as an assistant district attorney, was the prosecutor who fought tooth-and-nail to take the 5-year-old twins from the black grandmother and give them to a single, childless white woman on Milwaukee’s south side.

• A black Milwaukee judge, Joe Donald, ruled the twins should stay with the grandmother, saying she “never wavered in her desire or her love for her grandchildren.” But Protasiewicz appealed the judge’s decision all the way to the Wisconsin Supreme Court even after the grandmother purchased a 6-bedroom home.

• The twins would eventually be placed with the adoptive single white mother favored by Protasiewicz who lived in an even smaller two-bedroom home on Milwaukee’s far south side. But the twins ended up having a difficult life in some ways and, by age 13, they were returned to their birth family after years of traumatic separation.

Wisconsin Supreme Court Election to Pit Liberal Against Conservative

Because Wisconsin is a perennial battleground state in presidential contests, the outcome of the Supreme Court election could affect the 2024 race. Rulings on voting legislation that is challenged in court could affect turnout.

The current court issued a ruling in 2022 banning many ballot drop boxes, which were challenged after they were used in a high-turnout election in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. The court would rule on any challenges to the results from the 2024 election.

Election Alert: Wisconsin voters have a consequential state Supreme Court election

Of the four candidates in the race, two candidates identify as conservatives. Grassroots commentator Molly McCann provides an overview of what is at stake in the race and names the two conservative candidates. Please read this summary, make your decision, and get to the polls on Tuesday, February 21st. Encourage all your like-minded Wisconsin family and friends to get to the polls to vote.

Developing: Wisconsin Gableman Election Fraud Team Member Comes Forward with Damaging Evidence from 2020 Presidential Election

“The Wisconsin Election Commission (WEC) voting database (Home (wi.gov)) is corrupted, was not corrected from the 2020 election and needs to be scrapped immediately with a new and secure voter database. Approximately 7.3 million names on Wisconsin’s voter rolls with a state population of 5.9 million and only 4.6 million residents are eligible (Age 18 and older) to vote. WEC’s voter database shows 3.5 million eligible registered voters. There is an excess of 3.8 million names on the Wisconsin voter rolls who are not registered or eligible to vote.”