Bob Good on McCarthy, Johnson, and His High-Stakes Primary — The W&L Spectator

Regarding Trump’s endorsement of McGuire, Good told The Spectator that “there’s a reason why [Trump’s] closest allies are endorsing me. My support of President Trump is well documented.”

“As the chairman of the House Freedom Caucus, I’m leading the most conservative group in Congress, and that group that will be most critical to helping him enact his conservative agenda in 2025 and beyond,” he said.

Good, who won approximately 80 percent of the membership vote to become chair of the House Freedom Caucus, commands support from many Republican leaders. National figures such as Senator Rand Paul and Rep. Andy Biggs visited Virginia’s 5th District to campaign for him. Leaders of the district GOP also endorsed Good and wrote a letter to Donald Trump encouraging him to reconsider his endorsement for McGuire. Good believes that his undisputable conservative record will earn him the support of 5th District Republicans.

Virginia joins Republican states pulling out of multi-state voter list program – Virginia Mercury DTR PAC

Virginia Elections Commissioner Susan Beals said the state would no longer participate in the data-sharing program despite being one of seven founding states in 2012.

Beals listed a variety of reasons, including increased uncertainty and the declining participation of other Republican-led states, concerns about the “confidentiality of voter information” and “controversy surrounding the historical sharing of data with outside organizations leveraged for political purposes.”

“In short, ERIC’s mandate has expanded beyond that of its initial intent – to improve the accuracy of voter rolls,” Beals wrote.