Congressional primary elections to watch today

Congressional primary elections to watch today include Florida, New York and Oklahoma.These are Candidates in close races to vote for and cheer to victory. FloridaFL - 7, Anthony SabatiniFL - 13, Anna Paulina LunaFL - 1, Matt Gaetz New YorkNY - 22, Brandon WilliamsNY - 23, Carl Palladino Oklahoma runoffOK - 2 Josh Brecheen

OK-02: Josh Brecheen Endorsed by Defending the Republic PAC

Defending the Republic PAC is asking you to vote for Josh Brecheen in the Tuesday, August 23rd Republican primary runoff election. Josh Brecheen is a committed Christian, a fourth-generation rancher, and a small business owner.  Josh worked early in his career for the great Sen. Tom Coburn as a state field representative – helping Oklahomans in their struggles against burdensome and wasteful...