Defending the Republic PAC is asking you to vote for Josh Brecheen in the Tuesday, August 23rd Republican primary runoff election.

Josh Brecheen is a committed Christian, a fourth-generation rancher, and a small business owner. 

Josh worked early in his career for the great Sen. Tom Coburn as a state field representative – helping Oklahomans in their struggles against burdensome and wasteful federal regulations.

As an Oklahoma State Senator, Josh fought against big government, Common Core, and abortion. Josh Brecheen was the original author of measures that included capping state debt, banning dismemberment abortions and a true repeal/replace of the common core educational standards (nation’s first). He’s a reformer who walked away from power to keep his self-term limit pledge.

You can tell that Josh Brecheen is the real American First candidate by the tremendous amount of negative ads Dark Money interests are running against him — from sources masquerading as Pro-Trump conservatives. But ‘Kevin McCarthy conservatives’ is the more accurate description of these groups. The unstated goal of these Dark Money interests is to elect moderate candidates who will mimic the  ‘loyal opposition’ rhetoric of too many RINOs now in Congress.  

The truth: Josh Brecheen is the only authentic conservative in this race and Josh needs your urgent support to win the primary election runoff on August 23rd 

Read more about Dark Money masquerading as Pro-Trump conservatives here: