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NYPD cop’s murder mirrors larger national pattern: Repeat offenders committing violent crimes | Just The News

This appears to be a pattern borne out across the nation—criminals quickly released from incarceration returning to commit serious and violent crimes at the expense of innocent citizens or police officers. A study from New York indicated this pattern is likely the result of bail reform. Other evidence from elsewhere in the country shows weak enforcement from District Attorneys and other law enforcement.

Lawsuit: New York’s Absentee Voting Law Violates Its Constitution

Roughly two years ago, the state legislature sent a constitutional amendment proposal to voters that would have altered the state constitution to allow for no-excuse absentee voting. During the Nov. 2, 2021, election, New Yorkers strongly rejected the proposal, with 55 percent opposing and 45 percent supporting.

As noted in Wednesday’s lawsuit, the New York legislators who sponsored the proposal even acknowledged that the state’s constitution only allows absentee voting for those who are sick or absent from their residence on Election Day.

Catastrophic “Loss of Control” Data Breach in NY Elections – UncoverDC

“Through auditing the voter roll databases, obtained directly from state and local boards of elections, we have uncovered millions of invalid registrations, hundreds of thousands of votes cast by legally invalid registrations, hundreds of thousands of votes cast by legally invalid registrants, massive vote discrepancies, and the clear presence of algorithmic patternswe reverse engineered from within the state’s own official records…

The senior staff of the Chairs of both committees did not offer any assurance that action would be taken.” The Legislative Session ends on June 8.

Hornik is now leading a nationwide initiative to replicate what she and her team have done in New York. She says, in many cases, “the American people have already done the work.” She says it is time to review the findings, meet with legislators, and bring litigation where appropriate. Hornik says she plans to “hold election officials accountable” wherever possible.

New York Isn’t a Swing State – But Lee Zeldin Made it One

Perhaps the most striking result on Election Night wasn’t Zeldin’s performance, but instead the scope of Republican gains in the House of Representatives; Republicans flipped four congressional districts (NY-03 and NY-04 on Long Island, and NY-17 and NY-19 in the Hudson Valley), held NY-22 despite the retirement of John Katko, and substantially overperformed in two other high double-digit Biden seats (NY-20 in Albany and NY-25 in Rochester). The new crop of Republican Congressmen includes George Santos (likely the first openly gay Republican to be elected to Congress as a freshman) and Marc Molinaro, whose strong 2018 performance upstate in his own gubernatorial bid predated Zeldin’s improvements. The only Democratic survivor of this near-clean sweep of competitive seats, Pat Ryan, had previously won a special election earlier this year and could well have a strong future in state politics.

Congressional primary elections to watch today

Congressional primary elections to watch today include Florida, New York and Oklahoma.These are Candidates in close races to vote for and cheer to victory. FloridaFL - 7, Anthony SabatiniFL - 13, Anna Paulina LunaFL - 1, Matt Gaetz New YorkNY - 22, Brandon WilliamsNY - 23, Carl Palladino Oklahoma runoffOK - 2 Josh Brecheen