Renz Missouri House Testimony – BioTech Admits Gate’s GMO Factory Food IS a Gene Therapy – DailyClout

Note: Washington University wields an outsize influence in Missouri politics.

“During official testimony in the Missouri House on the bill the lobbyists for BioTech and WashU (I believe) in Missouri went on record to admit that GMO foods do in fact impact people’s genetic code. They actually opposed the bill on the basis that this law would require them to admit that all of their GMO products ARE in fact impacting people’s genetic code. There was no discussion as to how substantial the impact was or what studies were being done to ensure these modifications were not causing long-term health effects.

“This SHOCKING admission is critical in light of the Gates Foundation/WEF push to begin producing all meats and dairy products in factories. If a basic GMO food can cause modification of our genome what could an entirely manufactured food do?”

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