Now Is The Time To Act

We encourage people to contact their state legislators to demand they get involved per Article II and ensure election integrity and that the People are not disenfranchised by fraud.

If you are a resident of Arizona, click below to locate your legislator using your address.

Karen 926-5874Senator President
Noel 926-3124House Representative
Steve 926-5584House Representative
Andrea 926-5342Senator
Daniel Hernandez, 926-4840House Representative
Rosanna Gabaldó 926-3424House Representative
Alma 926-3136House Representative
Andres 926-3027House Representative
Sally Ann 926-3278Senator
Charlene R. 926-3098House Representative Minority Leader
Geraldine 926-4842House Representative
Lisa 926-3002Senator Minority Whip
Leo 926-3018House Representative
Regina E. 926-3126House Representative
Sonny 926-5051Senator Majority Whip
Bob 926-5219House Representative
Sylvia 926-5409Senator
Walter 926-3043House Representative
Arlando 926-3069House Representative
Jamescita 926-5160Senator Minority Whip
Myron 926-3157House Representative
David L. 926-5162House Representative
Frank 926-5761Senator
Thomas "T.J." Shope, 926-3012House Representative Speaker Pro Tempore
Pamela Powers 926-4848House Representative
Randall 926-3138House Representative Assistant Minority Leader
Victoria 926-5683Senator
David 926-5262Senator Minority Leader
Domingo 926-3153House Representative
Kirsten 926-5178House Representative
Bret 926-3158House Representative
Mark 926-3122House Representative
Vince 926-3106Senator
Eddie 926-5735Senator President Pro Tempore
Travis W. 926-4868House Representative
Warren 926-4136House Representative Majority Leader
Joanne 926-3181House Representative
Sine 926-5955Senator
Timothy M. 926-4139House Representative
Becky A. 926-4852House Representative Majority Whip
David 926-5154Senator
Gail 926-5895House Representative
Heather 926-5503Senator
John 926-4916House Representative
Nancy 926-5766House Representative
David C. 926-3020Senator
John 926-3187House Representative
Kelly 926-4467House Representative
J.D. 926-4481Senator
Jeff 926-3092House Representative
Jennifer 926-3193House Representative
Jennifer 926-3199House Representative
Mitzi 926-4870House Representative
Sean 926-3004Senator
Diego 926-3134House Representative
Lorenzo 926-3211House Representative
Lupe 926-5284Senator Assistant Minority Leader
Anthony T. 926-3102House Representative
Paul 926-4173Senator
Shawnna 926-3244House Representative
Kevin 926-4854House Representative
Rick 926-5413Senator Majority Leader
Tony 926-3104House Representative
Ben 926-3298House Representative
David 926-4178Senator
Frank 926-3249House Representative
Jay 926-3095House Representative
John 926-5170House Representative
Michelle 926-4480Senator
Amish 926-3280House Representative
Jennifer 926-3264House Representative
Lela 926-5829Senator
Michelle 926-4856House Representative
Russell "Rusty" 926-3128House Representative Speaker
Tyler 926-5760Senator
Athena 926-4858House Representative Minority Whip
Isela 926-5187House Representative
Juan 926-4124Senator
Diego 926-3285House Representative
Rebecca 926-3073Senator
Reginald Bolding, 926-3132House Representative Minority Whip
Aaron 926-3300House Representative
Kate Brophy 926-4486Senator
Kelli 926-5156House Representative
César Chá 926-4862House Representative
Martin 926-5911Senator
Richard C. 926-3130House Representative
Raquel Terá 926-3308House Representative
Robert 926-3425House Representative
Tony 926-4864Senator