June 11, 2023

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Pay Attention to Texas

As we approach the 2024 election, pay attention to Texas.  

The news that the Republican controlled Texas House held a rushed impeachment vote on a holiday weekend to remove conservative A.G. Ken Paxton was a shock to many. Why did the uni-party target Paxton? Watch Ken Paxton’s 13 minute speech at the April Heritage Leadership Summit detailing his efforts to fight election fraud and you will understand why. No wonder President Trump, Senator Ted Cruz, and Texas Republican Party Chairman Matt Rinaldi have all spoken publicly in support of Ken Paxton.

VIDEO: The TRUTH About Election Fraud | Texas AG Ken Paxton at #Heritage50

The good and the bad news out of Texas.

The good news from Texas is that two election integrity bills passed out of the legislature. SB1070 allows Texas to leave ERIC. SB1933 allows the Secretary of State to take over election administration in Texas’s largest county, Harris County (Houston) if there is good cause to believe that recurrent election problems exist in a county.

These bills are on Gov. Abbot’s desk awaiting his signature, but even without his signature, as long as Gov. Abbot doesn’t veto them within twenty days, they will become law.

Encouragingly, passage of SB1070 in Texas brings the number of states that have withdrawn from ERIC to nine. More good news, Republicans in the nonmember ERIC states Oklahoma and North Carolina have pushed legislation making it more difficult for their states to join ERIC in the future. Increased pressure and attention needs to be brought to the 19 states which still belong to ERIC including three critical 2024 battleground states: Arizona, Georgia, and Wisconsin.


Unfortunately, several good election integrity bills passed the Texas State Senate but died in the Texas House: SB 990, Return to Precinct Voting (not election centers) in large counties; SB 921, to BAN Rank Choice Voting in Texas; and SB 397, to require Early Voting Tapes be printed. At least 8 election Integrity bills were passed by the Texas Senate and sent over to the House ­where they died in the Elections Committee, a clear indication that Republican leadership in the Texas House isn’t serious about election integrity reform.


After an Ambush Impeachment Vote in the House, Texas A.G. Ken Paxton Now Faces an August Impeachment Trial in the Senate

The most alarming news out of Texas is that A.G. Ken Paxton, who successfully opposed 12 Texas counties mailing ballots to every registered voter, has been impeached by the Texas House. He is currently suspended while awaiting the Texas Senate taking up the impeachment.

In a nutshell, Paxton has been effective combatting vote fraud and has been at odds with moderate Republican Speaker of the House, Dade Phelan and establishment Republicans.

A.G. Paxton was impeached by the full body this week and is suspended from office until the state Senate holds a trial. Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick (R), who will preside over the trial as president of the Senate, announced the trial will begin on Aug. 28. A two-thirds majority, or 21 votes, is required to remove an office holder. The Republicans hold a 19-12 majority in the Senate.

Action: Texans can tell their state senator to acquit A.G. Paxton from this sham impeachment. A.G Paxton was duly elected by a majority of voters.  Find your state senator contact info here.


Multiple conservative Republican leaders have spoken out in support of A.G. Paxton including President Donald Trump, Sen. Ted Cruz, and Texas Republican Party Chairman Matt Rinaldi.

While Texas A.G. Ken Paxton was investigated for securities fraud and bribery allegations years ago, Paxton has denied wrongdoing and has subsequently won two re-election campaigns even though these charges have been well-publicized since a federal indictment came down against him in 2015

In 2018, Paxton acknowledged to his staff that he had had an affair, apologized, and recommitted to his wife. They have put this behind them.

“For the last nine years, Ken has been the strongest conservative AG in the country. Bar none,” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) stated in opposition to the ambush impeachment of Paxton. Texas Republican Party Chairman Matt Rinaldi strongly defended Paxton and described the proceeding as a “sham” that was “led by a liberal speaker trying to undermine his conservative adversaries.

A total of 23 Republicans courageously voted against removing Paxton, while none of the Democrats did although some criticized it. The most senior Democrat in the House, the African American Harold Dutton, Jr., eloquently spoke against how improper the impeachment was.

On TruthSocial Trump exclaimed to thunderous support by tens of thousands, “MISSING IN ACTION! Where is the Governor of Texas on his Attorney General’s impeachment?”


There’s a bigger story here.  Texas is being prepped to go purple in 2024 and take out Ted Cruz. 

To do that, there must be major voter fraud from the large cities.  The massive scale that results, for example, from sending out unsolicited mail-in ballots to all voters. As detailed in his Heritage speech, Ken Paxton understood the stakes in the 2020 election and fought hard to successfully block unsolicited mail-in ballots. President Trump won in Texas as did many down ballot candidates.

The 2024 elections are crucial. If the Democrats carry Texas, the uni-party will defeat Trump in the presidential race (or any Republican nominee) and the GOP will lose Cruz’s Senate seat, as well as many other races.

In order to flip Texas, Ken Paxton, a battle-hardened attorney general, willing to fight election fraud, had to go.

At this point, too many Republican controlled legislatures have dropped the ball on Election integrity reform. Too many conservative organizations have focused only on their particular issue, however laudable and beneficial, and neglected to also fight to enact election integrity measures at the state level.

The bare knuckle tactic of impeaching a popular and experienced  attorney general because he is ready, willing, and able to fight against election fraud tells you how desperate the Left is to shut us down before 2024.

Just as Sidney Powell has been a target of the Left since she first blew the whistle on computer voting, and is still fighting back in multiple courts against the Left’s lawfare tactics, and like Kari Lake’s lawsuits to redress vote fraud, Ken Paxton knows — if you are effective and persuasive at combatting vote fraud, you are targeted.

The Texas State Senate should dispense with this politically motivated, sham impeachment, and uphold the Rule of Law in Texas.

The solution we need to defend our Republic is hand-marked, hand-counted, paper ballots, cast in local precincts with a photo ID on Election Day using clean voter rolls. 

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