May 20, 2023

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Hopeful Breaking News in the Texas Legislature:

A pending bill in the Texas legislature, SB1070, to withdraw the state from ERIC already passed the Texas Senate. It is facing strong Democrat opposition. SB 1070 needs to come to the Texas House floor for a vote.

Texas ERIC bill returns to House of Representatives after setback.

“The bill is now headed back to the House chamber to be considered for a vote. The Texas Legislature is scheduled to end May 29.”

What is ERIC?

As a supporter of DTR PAC, you already understand that vote fraud and election integrity are real problems which must be solved if we are going restore our republic. But too many of your neighbors and your government officials still don’t recognize how widespread election fraud is.

We all need to be able to articulate clearly and succinctly, one issue at a time, the many different ways vote fraud can occur.

What’s Wrong with ERIC, the Electronic Registration Information Center.

-ERIC sounds like it is a government agency. It is not. ERIC is a private entity. Only about half the states belong to ERIC. They pay their membership dues with taxpayer monies. In other words, ERIC’s efforts to generate more Democrat voter registrations is funded with public tax dollars.

-Member states collect and submit valuable personal data to ERIC: dates of birth, driver’s license/ID card numbers, and Social Security.

-ERIC does not require states to inform ERIC if any submitted names are non-citizens and thus ineligible to vote. So the reports ERIC provides back to the states contain both citizens and non-citizens in the list.

-Under ERIC, member states are mandated to conduct what are essentially Voter Registration, Get Out The Vote (GOTV) drives. Targeting voters for action are partisan activities for political parties and candidates to conduct — not the government. 

Judicial Watch has investigated and found that 29 states hadhuge registration excesses. Of the eight worst states, seven of the eight states are longtime members of ERIC (AK, CO, ME, MD, MI, RI & VT).In other words,ERIC is not effective in cleaning voter rolls.

This Federalist article below spells out the major problems with ERIC including how Democrats can take advantage of ERIC’s database. Read this to understand why every state should withdraw from ERIC.

“Here’s A Look Into Popular Voter Database ERIC’s Left-Wing Origins

New details surrounding ERIC’s origins show there is no denying it was developed to help leftists win elections.

Unregistered Citizens Equal The New American Majority 

…If ERIC were truly a voter list maintenance organization, then member states would be required to clean their voter rolls. Except it’s not required as a condition of membership. What is required, however, is sending voter registration mailers to eligible residents that ERIC hand-selects…

And which “eligible but unregistered” residents is ERIC wanting states to reach out to? What Democrats coin the “New American Majority,” or young people, minorities, single women, and LGBT individuals.

As a result, leftist political operatives were given a treasure trove of citizen data funded by American taxpayers themselves. As Hayden Ludwig put it for Restoration of America, “In a single stroke, ERIC had succeeded in building the most comprehensive, widespread, and valuable voter file the country had ever seen — updated practically in real-time. With it, a campaign could become unbeatable.”

Thankfully, multiple red states are waking up to this clear Democratic-vote-harvesting scheme. In March alone, Florida, Missouri, West Virginia, Iowa, and Ohio exited ERIC over its ties to the left and data sharing concerns.




Note: Since public attention has been trained on ERIC, eight states have withdrawn from ERIC: AL, FL, IA, LA, MO, OH, VA, WV.

The Republican controlled states still using ERIC are: AK, AZ, GA, PA, SC, TX & UT.(Texas may withdraw this month.)

Three critical 2024 battleground states that still use ERIC include: AZ, GA, WI.

A year ago The Gateway Pundit published a four part series on ERIC.

All four articles are on the DTR PAC website:

Please Contribute to Defending The Republic PAC so we can Support the Candidates for Office who are Committed to Advancing the Principles of Morality and Freedom which Built our Great Nation.

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