November 8, 2022

Vote on Election Day! Save our Constitutional Republic!

There’s good reason for America First voters to be optimistic about the election based on the late-breaking polls, but also to be concerned about the integrity of our elections. We can turn our optimism into victory, however, and overwhelm any election fraud with huge voter turnout.

Because high voter turnout can overcome election fraud.

Vote on Election Day! Save our Constitutional Republic!

Encourage all your like-minded family and friends to make sure they vote on Election Day.

Ask people to vote. Encouraging them to vote really does make a difference.

Republicans must take majority control of the U.S. House and Senate to save America. Every vote you cast for a less-than-perfect Republican in your district is a vote for an America First Republican to have more power as a member of the majority party in the next Congress.

Given the Biden Administration’s poor marks on the economy, inflation, and crime, if voter turnout is high enough, Republicans could win three Ohio swing Congressional seats on Tuesday.

DTR PAC urges you to vote for:

U.S. Senate: J.D. Vance (R) 
District 1: Steve Chabot (R) 
District 9: R.J. Majewski (R)
District 13: Madison Gesiotto Gilbert (R)  

U.S. Senate: J.D. Vance (R)

J.D. Vance is an attorney who served four years in the Marine Corps and was deployed to Iraq as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Vance founded Our Ohio Renewal to help disadvantaged children.

J.D. Vance can identify a lot of reasons why he is running to represent Ohio: the homeless encampments, skyrocketing crime, illegals flooding our country with criminals and drugs, allowing the Chinese to steal from American industry, and teaching our children to hate their own country.

J.D. Vance says our leaders have failed and it is time, under the Constitution, to fight back.

J.D. Vance is ahead in the polls and needs to hold his lead with a strong voter turnout on Tuesday.

J.D. Vance

District 1, Steve Chabot (R)

Ohio conservatives should be aware that veteran conservative Congressman Steve Chabot’s newly redrawn district is more Democratic, and Chabot faces a tough re-election battle. This race is another example of just how critical high voter turnout is for the America First movement in this election.

The America First movement needs every Republican vote we can get in the upcoming Congress to defeat the Biden-Pelosi agenda. Steve Chabot is a Pro-Life, conservative Congressman who is against the disastrous Democrat policies which have brought us 40-year-high inflation rates, out-of-control crime in cities across the nation, and a southern border which no longer exists.

Steve Chabot
Ohio District 1 Ballotpedia

 District 9: R. J. Majewski (R) 

R.J. Majewski was the MAGA candidate the DC elite did not want to win the Ohio 9th District primary. Now Majewski is poised to win his Congressional race without the DC elite’s help, but with widespread grassroots support.

R. J. Majewski and his wife Nichole have been married since 2003. Majewski is a veteran and Constitutional conservative who has an extensive background in the energy industry.

In the Air Force, R. J. Majewski served overseas, and was deployed to the Middle East in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. After serving in the military, Majewski managed multiple multi-million-dollar projects within the nuclear industry. Majewski now serves as a Senior Leader in the nuclear industry working with some of the world’s largest nuclear utilities.

R.J. Majewski pledges that, “In Congress, I will put America First, always.”  Majewski supports the freedoms guaranteed by the Bill of Rights including free speech, religious freedom, and the Second Amendment. R.J. Majewski is Pro-Life and believes in the sanctity of life.

As a proponent of limited government, Majewski will oppose unconstitutional mandates and government overregulation. Majewski is especially committed to American Energy Independence as it is critical to both America’s economic security and national defense.

R. J. Majewski is running an extensive grassroots campaign against a longtime Democrat incumbent. Just a week before the general election, President Trump hosted a Tele-Townhall supporting Majewski.

The new Ohio 9th district stretches across northern Ohio from Sandusky on the east, through Toledo, to the Indiana border.
R. J. Majewski

Ohio District 9 Ballotpedia

District 13 Madison Gesiotto Gilbert

Madison Gesiotto Gilbert is a Christian small business owner, attorney, and wife.

Madison is running for Congress to stop government overspending, put an end to the national crime wave occurring across the country, stop the flow of deadly drugs into our communities, secure our southern border and put Ohio’s small businesses and working-class families first.

As a small business owner, Madison knows first-hand how Big Government, burdensome regulations, an unfair tax code and historically high inflation hurts working families and Ohio’s economy.

Madison served as an advisor to the National Diversity Coalition for Trump, and as Regional Press Secretary and spokesperson on the Presidential Inaugural Committee. In 2020, Madison served on the Trump Advisory Board and as co-chair of the Trump campaign’s Women for Trump national coalition.

Madison Gesiotto Gilbert and her husband, Marcus Gilbert, a former offensive tackle for the Pittsburgh Steelers and Arizona Cardinals, recently welcomed their first child.

The new 13th district runs from Canton in the south, through Akron north to Macedonia, Twinsburg and Northfield.
Gesiotto Gilbert

Ohio District 13 Ballotpedia






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