November 8, 2022

There’s good reason for America First voters to be optimistic about the election based on the late-breaking polls, but also to be concerned about the integrity of our elections. We can turn our optimism into victory, however, and overwhelm any election fraud with huge voter turnout.

Because high voter turnout can overcome election fraud.

So, plan to vote early, in-person, on Election Day! Save our Constitutional Republic!

Encourage all your like-minded family and friends to make sure they vote on Election Day. Ask people to vote. Encouraging people to vote really does make a difference.

New Hampshire presents the America First movement the very real possibility of having a clean sweep of the state’s three federal races on November 8th. All three candidates for federal office are facing Democratic incumbents, all three are America First Republicans, and all three Republicans can really win.

The Senate race between Don Bolduc (R) and Maggie Hassan (D) could tip control of the U.S. Senate. Winning the New Hampshire Senate race would be the ‘flip’ Republicans need if they are going to take majority control of the U.S. Senate. Consequently, New Hampshire’s Senate race has become a fight to the finish for voter turnout.

High voter turnout in the state’s two Congressional races is just as critical to winning back those seats.

DTR PAC endorses:
New Hampshire Senate: Don Bolduc (R)
New Hampshire District 1 Karoline Leavitt (R)
New Hampshire District 2: Robert (Bob) Burns (R)

New Hampshire Senate: Don Bolduc (R)

Don Bolduc is a retired Army brigadier general and served 33 years in the Army Special Forces community including service in Afghanistan. By the end of his career, General Bolduc received two awards for valor, five Bronze Star medals, and two Purple Hearts.

Don Bolduc says America must regain the energy independence and security the Biden Administration squandered, lease and explore federal lands for oil and gas, finish pipelines, and streamline the permitting process. Don Bolduc says the election “is about the economy, fiscal responsibility and the safety and security of this nation.”

Senator Hassan, by contrast, has fought against the oil and gas industry and has supported the Biden Administration’s canceling of domestic oil leases, making us more dependent on foreign oil.

Don Bolduc

New Hampshire District 1: Karoline Leavitt (R)

Karoline Leavitt is a New Hampshire native whose family owns a small business in the district.

Karoline Leavitt worked in President Trump’s White House Press Office under Kayley McEnany combating media disinformation, and as a Capitol Hill staffer. Karoline Leavitt is well versed on the issues and is an articulate and energetic Republican spokesperson for traditional conservative values.

Karoline Leavitt has strong grassroots support and she will need it because District 1 is truly a swing district. The most recent polls show Karoline Leavitt now leading, but voter turnout is the key in this swing district – especially since Karoline Leavitt is running against an incumbent Democratic Congressman.

Karoline Leavitt

New Hampshire District 2: Bob Burns

Bob Burns will fight for America First policies and focus on making sure legislation is constitutional, cost-effective, and necessary.
Burns currently owns and operate Burns Manufacturing, a quality control and pharmaceutical safety company in Bedford New Hampshire and says returning jobs and our pharmaceutical manufacturing to America is a critical health, economic, and national security issue.

The greatest threat that we as Americans face is China and we cannot fix these problems until we end our dependence on them for critical goods. Bob Burns is a fiscal conservative. “Managing taxpayer money as the Hillsborough County Treasurer and managing the payroll at Burns Automation is the type of real-world experience that is needed now more than ever in Congress.”
Bob Burns is proudly pro-life and opposes critical race theory being taught in our schools.

Bob Burns




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