Defending the Republic PAC is asking you to Vote for Anthony Sabatini, FL-7 district, in the Tuesday, Aug. 23rd primary election.

Don’t be fooled by spoiler candidates who claim to be solid conservatives. They will only split the America First vote from the real deal, Anthony Sabatini. 

Dark Money is bombarding the FL-7 district with anti-Sabatini ads that distort Anthony Sabatini’s record and accomplishments because they know Anthony Sabatini, the most conservative member of the Florida state legislature, is the proven Pro-Trump, Pro-DeSantis, America First candidate. 

Anthony Sabatini is a military veteran. He has crusaded against nation-building wars that fleece the American taxpayers, and maim and kill our American soldiers. 

Anthony Sabatini fought in the Florida legislature for our conservative values and now we need strong conservative in Congress.

Tell your Family and Friends to Vote only for Anthony Sabatini FL-7 on Tuesday, August 23rd. 

Don’t waste your vote one of the spoiler candidates the Swamp is pushing to defeat Anthony Sabatini. 

You can read about how Dark Money is trying to defeat Anthony Sabatini,  just as they tried to defeat Joe Kent in Washington State — and nearly succeeded — here: