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To all those inquiring, I do not currently represent General Flynn. I had no involvement in any meetings or events leading up to "January 6." --Sidney Powell
Forwarded from We The Media (AwakenedOutlaw & OutlawJW on Gab)
This simple tweet packs a gut punch of truth that underscores the depth of the problem we face.

FACT: The fake news media is working in concert with big tech and dedicated leftists in Govt to craft a parallel narrative aimed at selling their corrupted portrayal of events as the truth irrespective of actual facts all aimed at INTENTIONALLY keeping their loyal Democrat voter army in the dark.

It's insidious. And the people running this crooked scheme are equal parts sick & evil.
Forwarded from Chief Nerd
CDC Admits Crushing Rights of Naturally Immune Without Proof They Transmit the Virus

From Aaron Siri, who recently testified at Sen. Ron Johnson’s hearing:
“My firm, on behalf of ICAN, asked the CDC for precisely this proof (see below). ICAN wanted to see proof of any instance in which someone who previously had COVID-19 became reinfected with and transmitted the virus to someone else. The CDC’s incredible response is that it does not have a single document reflecting that this has ever occurred. Not one.”


Forwarded from The Prisoner's Record

Our patriots are reporting from the DC Prison:

To each and every single one of you who have reached out in support, prayer and donation: thank you from the bottom of the hearts of ALL of the January 6th defendants, and certainly from Lonnie. I have not been able to speak with Lonnie this morning because of the terrible unfolding of events inside of the DC jail which are ongoing as we speak. One of the men was maced in the face while holding his legal paperwork and being completely non-violent. The Lieutenant chased him around the pod spraying the can until the can was completely emptied. The men were locked down into their cells and now two of the men, including Lonnie, are having SERIOUS respiratory issues. The other man, who is also a veteran, is laying on the ground in the pod not moving. This type of retaliation (after a news story, a visit, or any positive news for these men) is not new. However, with you all paying attention it is IMPERATIVE you know. THIS is how they treat our Veterans! THIS is how they treat the PRESUMED INNOCENT! PLEASE SHARE AND PLEASE SUPPORT THESE MALIGNED PATRIOTS! JUSTICE BE DONE! GOD BLESS YOU, EACH AND EVERY ONE!

🆘 https://t.me/ThePrisonersRecord
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BREAKING: Thousands of new, undocumented invaders are making their way to cross into Eagle Pass, Texas.

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United States taxpayers pay $451 billion per year for housing and care of illegal invaders.

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