Now Is The Time To Act

We encourage people to contact their state legislators to demand they get involved per Article II and ensure election integrity and that the People are not disenfranchised by fraud.

If you are a resident of Arizona, click below to locate your legislator using your address.

Kathleen Bernier23R[email protected]608-266-7511
Robert Cowles2R[email protected]608-266-0484
David Craig28R[email protected]608-266-5400
Alberta Darling8R[email protected]608-266-5830
Dan Feyen18R[email protected]608-266-5300
Scott Fitzgerald13R[email protected]608-266-5660
Andre Jacque1R[email protected]608-266-3512
Chris Kapenga33R[email protected]608-266-9174
Dale Kooyenga5R[email protected]608-266-2512
Devin LeMahieu9R[email protected]608-266-2056
Howard Marklein17R[email protected]608-266-0703
Stephen Nass11R[email protected]608-266-2635
Luther Olsen14R[email protected]608-266-0751
Jerry Petrowski29R[email protected]608-266-2502
Roger Roth19R[email protected]608-266-0718
Duey Stroebel20R[email protected]608-266-7513
Patrick Testin24R[email protected]608-266-3123
Van Wanggaard21R[email protected]608-266-1832